About PowerRide

PowerRide is a unique indoor cycling experience, a specialized fitness training facility and event management.

Why are we unique?

We offer so much more than just a workout ,it’s a powerful mind-body experience.We provide the best indoor and outdoor bikes with the best coaches to give you the most advanced training.
With more than 10 years of experience in cycling, we know how to do this best.
Our advanced facility is located inside a sports complex in the heart of Maadi and in Swan Lake, Katameya. Our indoor bikes are equipped with the latest technology, power meters, in order to give you the best training experience.

Who are we?

We are also a specialized fitness training facility offering the basics of fitness training to athletic excellence including running training plans and technique . As avid cyclists ourselves, we believe that all training plans should include a form of flexibility and focus workouts which help with injury prevention, muscle endurance, and breath control . That is why we also offer Pilates and Yoga to give you a complete training plan! Finally none of of this could have happened without our awesome coaches. We're coached by experienced instructors who support us, coach us and push us to our personal best

How it all started

Power Ride was first established in April 2017 by the owner Mohamed El Ansary. Mohamed started his journey in 2009 as a young man looking to lose weight and get fit. He changed his lifestyle habits to a more active lifestyle by riding his bicycle everywhere within his neighbourhood. Fast forward 8 years later, Mohamed had taken his interest in cycling to another level and participated in local and international biking tours. This eventually made him gain interest in participating in Triathlon events and challenging his body and mind in a multi sport activity. He grew to love cycling and triathlon which made him decide to leave the corporate world and pursue his passion. Power Ride concept was born.

What is Power Ride

Power Ride is a unique class only workout concept offering multiple sports activities:

  • Specialized indoor cycling classes
  • Tailored fitness and triathlon programs
  • Outdoor cycling events
  • Cycling and Triathlon camps
  • Yoga, Pilates and flexibility
  • Track & Field programs
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Juniors Training Program
  • Normatec Recovery Sessions